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Mr. DLR Prasad

President- Mining

Wearing the ‘Adani’ hat to reflect Courage, Trust and Commitment in every action

March 30, 2016

Thinking big and doing better with Trust, Commitment and Courage; it is this vision that endures as a driver of our traditions and uncompromising values. As each new generation earns the right to put on the Adani hat, we inherit the responsibility of living according to a set of values and standards of conduct that mark us as special members of Adani family.


Adani’s conviction to participate in nation building would hold us in the highest esteem by society. We are expected to reflect the solid values of our society and our nation. When we wear the Adani hat, we symbolize the epitome of enduring skills and personal honour, and we represent all that Adani expects out of its employees.


But with this demand for excellence comes a sacred trust and commitment. Each year, hundreds are moulded to be part of the company. We gladly accept this commitment. At the end of the year, we come away with all the pride and dignity that goes with the spirit of Adani.


Through a brief period of transition in the mining business, we made solid progress in our existing operations - health and safety, environment and community care - while getting into some exciting new initiatives like foraying into technology, initiatives of preparing a five-year strategic plan that encompasses the Adani vision and preparing an overarching sustainability and HSE framework.

Thinking big and doing better with Trust, Commitment and Courage; it is this vision that endures as a driver of our traditions and uncompromising values.

One challenge for all of us in the business today is the growing middle-class population and the aspirations that come with the kind of economic growth we are witnessing over the last couple of years. The aspirations for better lifestyles demand higher energy needs. In a growing economy and a large class of population where energy is still a luxury, the main objective shall be to make the power available and cheaper. That is where the purpose of our business comes in; not only to make the fuel cheaper, but make it available in abundance.


This vision and goal is only possible when our operations are cost-effective, productive, safer, and people and community-friendly. That’s where our commitment shall be in innovating to create value; not just innovation in production and operations, but everything we do and everywhere we operate. We need a constant flow of new ideas and different approaches to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future. We will use every state-of –the-art technology available to us - be it in predictive maintenance, remote monitoring, diagnostic tools or integrating that makes our operations efficient, and makes our people focus on creating and adding value.


We will continue to foster a purpose-driven organisation and develop our people at every level in the company. We will continue to encourage and support the communities to improve their lives.

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