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  • Frequently asked questions
  • What is CNG?
  • Is CNG safe?
  • What is involved in converting a vehicle to a CNG-friendly one?
  • Can a car, fitted with CNG conversion kit, run on petrol after its CNG gets over?
  • What is the cost of converting a vehicle to a CNG-friendly one?
  • What are the dimensions and weight of a CNG cylinder?
  • What is the capacity of a cylinder, and mileage from one fill? How does one get to know the quantity of CNG left in the cylinder?
  • What is the pressure of CNG in a cylinder? Is refueling of a cylinder safe, given the pressure?
  • How much will be the saving after conversion to CNG?
  • Does CNG kit require servicing?
  • Does CNG have any harmful effect on the engine?
  • How does the performance of a CNG-converted vehicle compare with that of a petrol-run vehicle?
  • Can diesel vehicles be converted to CNG?
  • Why are exhaust fumes so small in CNG-run vehicles?
  • How does large-scale CNG usage benefit the country?
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