Chairman Message

  • "The Adani Group has committed to investing 70% of its energy-related capital expenditure in green technologies. This will amount to $50 billion to $70 billion of investment in renewable value chains over the next decade. This shows just how much we believe in the role we can play in providing solutions to climate change. Our target is to align ourselves with India's objectives as a nation and to ensure that we do our part to put the country on the road to successfully meeting those objectives."
  • Greenly yours,
  • Gautam Adani
    Chairman, Adani Group

Greenmosphere | Low Carbon Society

  • Adani Total Gas Limited (ATGL), a joint venture between Adani Group and Total Energies, France, is the largest private CGD company in India. ATGL has half a million of consumers and business partners who together form the ATGL community.
  • We have begun to witness that climate change is impacting the world in significant ways! One of the key contributors responsible for this is diminishing forest cover.
  • Our Guiding Principle

  • Adani Total Gas Limited has always remained at the forefront of nation-building initiatives, with #fuellinggoodness as our guiding principle.
  • As a responsible community, we want to ensure that our future generations are not bereft of a natural, sustainable, flourishing environment. We want to contribute to the society by laying foundations of a greener world and making the world safer for us and, more importantly, for our generations to come.
  • Our Aim

    • Mass Tree Plantation Drive

      Mass Tree Plantation Drive

      Greenmosphere aims at mass tree plantation drive to increase the fresh source of oxygen.

    • Reducing Greenhouse Gases

      We aim at reducing the copious amount of greenhouse gases and helping in achieving the goals of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by halting deforestation, boosting afforestation and supporting wetland conservation.

    • Spreading Awareness

      Green Millennials aim at creating a platform to spread awareness amongst the educational institutions.

ATGL is very proud to announce a community initiative named “Greenmosphere”, which involves Mass plantation projects and wants to create a platform for spreading awareness on energy conservation for our community circle.

  • Greenmosphere will work on three board workstream involving the entire ATGL community


It focuses on tree plantation, increasing awareness and educating the masses on an eco-friendly lifestyle. It also aims at conserving water and energy.

The tree plantation is meticulously planned in phases and will be undertaken with the "Miyawaki" methodology. This methodology even helps on adverse soil and climatic conditions. It provides 30X denser forest, 30X more carbon dioxide consumption and minimum 30 native species can be planted in the same area in cluster plantations.


There are two more sub-goals that are a constant theme in our approach

  • Bringing nature back to cities

    The goal would be to make green spaces available in every area with several amenities for the community. It aims to include dense green pockets in urban areas.

  • Connecting our consumers with nature

    Goal is to increase awareness and ownership by focusing on engagement activities for millennials through partnership with educational institutions.

Green Millennials

It will aim at creating a platform to spread awareness among millennials across all schools and colleges. The awareness will run through a structured program based on green technology, energy efficiency and conservation with deep empathy for sustainable living.

The value and belief system for a better future starts and generates as an heirloom in the form of educating and implanting the seed of optimal techniques and thoughts of environmentally conscious choices, along with engaging activities through which they will learn and develop towards a greener future.

We will have below activities to motivate them:

Energy Audit

Energy is a critical element that in every form helps the world in countless directions. Energy efficiency is not only imperial to climate changes but also a sign of progress towards an efficient future. It is because the innovative energy-enhancing technologies help countries in meeting their policy goals for secure, reliable and affordable energy while also promoting social and economic development.

Energy Audits will be conducted across Industrial, Commercial and Residential sectors including our own assets, offices and CNG stations, thus, enhancing energy efficiency of all the stakeholders, business owners and consumers by providing them with energy-efficient solutions.

I had a sparrow as a pet; it flew away one day…Then I had a squirrel, and it ran away too. Then I planted a tree and they both came back

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam