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Frequently asked questions

  • Is it safe to use PNG as an industrial fuel?
  • Is the supply of PNG regular?
  • Can Natural Gas be stored? Can it be supplied through cascades because the pipeline is not laid in the area where my industrial unit is situated?
  • What is the minimum time period to obtain the connection?
  • Are any statutory compliances or government approval required to obtain the Natural Gas connection?
  • Does AGL supply burners and install internal pipeline?
  • I want to switch from Diesel Genset to Gas Genset? What are the options available?
  • Can one use the industrial PNG in the pantry of the industrial unit?
  • Can any industrial unit procure the Metering & Regulating Skid (MRS) on their own?
  • What is the estimated time to replace a faulty meter?
  • What happens if gas supply is stopped? If the supply is disrupted on your end, what will be the liability of your company (AGL)?
  • My fuel consumption is high but irregular; does your contract cover this aspect of consumption?
  • How much time will be taken by us for the installation (conversion of burners & internal Pipeline laying)?
  • I want to expand my operation after few months? Do I need to disclose it to you?
  • What is the difference between MGO & No MGO Gas Sale Agreement (GSA)?
  • How do I decide my DCQ?
  • How many times the revision in DCQ is allowed, both upward and downward?
  • Is there any scope for contract negotiation?
  • What is the system of billing?
  • Is there any annual maintenance charge?
  • How frequently the price of PNG changes?
  • What is the assurance that you have not fixed a price with monopolistic profit?
  • Is there any price slab of Natural Gas as my consumption will be higher than other industrial units?
  • Is there any excise component in the gas price? My usage for gas is in other manufacturing process also, so is there any set off in VAT both for the manufacturing process and for other purposes like usage in pantry?
  • If your gas does not meet the specifications, what is the procedure of rejecting it?
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