Adani Total Gas launches Greenmosphere

Aims to create a low carbon society through community collaboration




  • Will employ the Akira Miyawaki technique for afforestation
  • Forests thus created will absorb 30 times more carbon dioxide
  • Awareness campaign for millennials across all educational institutions
  • Will develop green park & information centre at Smritivan, Ahmedabad


Ahmedabad, 30 December 2021: Adani Total Gas Ltd (ATGL), India’s largest private CGD company, and a joint venture between the Adani Group and TotalEnergies, has launched a new green initiative that targets afforestation, outreach to millennials, and energy audits.


Titled Greenmosphere, this ATGL initiative will drive mass tree plantation programmes, spread awareness about climate change among the young, and encourage sustainable energy practices through energy audits.


Speaking at the launch of Greenmosphere Mr. Pranav Adani, MD - Agro and Oil & Gas, Adani Group said, “If we are to achieve climate change targets, we need to build strong partnerships with all stakeholders – including governments, corporations and society-at-large. As a responsible corporate citizen, the Adani Group cares for the welfare of communities everywhere. This is why we are determined to give back to society through innovative, sustainable, long-term solutions.”


The afforestation programme, which envisages large-scale community participation, aims to increase the fresh sources of oxygen. This, in turn, will reduce the copious amount of greenhouse gases. ATGL sees Greenmosphere as a corporate movement that will help in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by halting deforestation, boosting afforestation, and supporting wetland conservation.


Afforestation under this initiative will be done through the Akira Miyawaki technique, which works even on adverse soil and in adverse climate conditions. Case studies from across the world have established that the forests cultivated by adapting this technique are thirty times denser, which implies that they absorb thirty times more carbon dioxide.


This scheme further aims to create dense green pockets in urban areas, which will greatly benefit the community. ATGL has already employed the Miyawaki technique at its plant in Ramol, Ahmedabad.


Another integral part of the Greenmosphere initiative is the creation of an awareness platform for millennials across educational institutions. Highlighting the importance of green technology, energy efficiency and conservation, the awareness programme will include activities such as tree planting, storytelling sessions, painting competitions, forest walks and skits.


The most defining component of Greenmosphere is the energy audit, which covers industrial, commercial and residential areas. The assets to be audited include ATGL offices and CNG stations. This will enhance energy efficiency by aligning the processes with energy efficient practices and solutions.




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