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COVID-19 Updates

Adani Total Gas Ltd. is committed to fuel vehicular movement critical for delivery of essentials and ensure that healthy cooking gas is available to all amid this global crisis. Click below to know more about the Adani Group's pan-India COVID19 relief measures.

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“Gas supply is available 24x7 with Adani Gas”

Nirav Panchal

Dev City Bunglow & Raw House, Chandlodia, Ahmedabad

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Health & safety

Natural gas is one of the safest and most reliable fuels available and rarely does a mechanical failure or storm interrupts its dependable delivery. Adani Total Gas Limited continually monitors our pipeline system to ensure safe and reliable delivery of natural gas to your home.

For your protection, we add an odorant to natural gas, so you can detect even the slightest amount of natural gas in the air. View our safety pages to learn the facts about natural gas to help keep you safe, such as what to do if you suspect a natural gas leak.

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Be Safe

  • Do not tamper with any component of the gas connection
  • In case the gas flow in your house or area is stopped, inform the Company immediately
  • Always close the main control valve if you are not going to be at home for a day or more
  • When you turn on your gas again after a long duration, make sure all the doors and windows of your house are opened

Dial Before Dig

For your safety, you are required to call at least two working days before you plan to dig so your underground utility lines can be marked.

Always call 079 4754 5252 or 079 2762 3264 before you dig

It's safe. It's free.

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