Learn about the benefits of choosing natural gas, one of the most powerful choices you can make today.

More Affordable

Natural gas continues to be the best energy choice, because it costs less than any other energy source. 



Natural gas water heaters recover twice as fast and have more hot water available than an electric model.



Natural gas is a cleaner burning fuel that has less impact on the environment. High-efficiency natural gas furnaces are more environmentally friendly than geothermal heat pumps. Natural gas fireplaces can reduce up to 99% of the amount of pollutants and particles emitted into the air compared to wood.


Uninterrupted Supply

ATGL has got a history of almost 100% reliability in its gas supply. PNG is assured continuous and reliable 
24-hour supply of fuel.



Gas is constantly fed into the system so there are no hassles of handling, refilling & changing of cylinders; no storage required, leading to safe, easy and secure handling. PNG is distributed through pipelines directly 
at premises.



Higher savings in comparison to other conventional fuel. Pipeline delivery comparatively immunizes against inflation of transportation costs. In addition, natural gas provides the following benefits:



Natural gas appliances have a great safety record, and state-of-the-art equipment now has advanced capabilities like auto-shut off. No storage at customer’s premises ensures high consumer safety. PNG being lighter than air, hence in case of leakage, it will dissipate rapidly and avoids spontaneous flammability.


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