Empowering Community

The Empowering Community initiative is launched with a view to empower the Housewives, Senior Citizens and Students. It aims at strengthening their self-respect and helps them to become self-dependent. This is also an important step in our quest to grow responsibly.

The socially active volunteers who have some spare time on their hand can join this initiative by becoming an Adani Mitr. To become an Adani Mitr, all they have to do is download MYAGPL app from Google Play Store and sign up. Making most of their free time, Adani Mitr then passes on the leads for ATGL CNG and PNG connections through the app. Their efforts are suitably rewarded afterwards. The absence of any contract or any type of commercial deal is what makes this initiative different.

The CNG Car Owner’s Community

This is a unique community created with a view to sensitise people about our growing environmental problems. It is also a platform for CNG vehicle owners to connect and express themselves. This community meets and shares their experiences of using CNG Cars and participates in various events organised specifically for them.

Beyond interaction, this community also benefits from various exclusive offers like Fast track coupons, Free cylinder testing, Extended CNG auto parts warranty, Free services and maintenance, Cleaner fuel certification, Bags/plants distribution among others. Any CNG car owner can join this initiative in the following ways.

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