Adani Total Gas has a wide network of commercial customers that include hotels, restaurants, farsan shops, hospitals, corporate offices as well as canteens and pantries. Religious institutes, crematoriums and temples fall under the non-commercial category.

We provide natural gas mainly for cooking, heating, and cooling applications to these customers.

Commercial customers

There customers use Natural gas as fuel at establishments like Shopping Malls, Hotels, Restaurants, Bakery, Sweets and Snack Mart, Small Dairies, Hospitals Educational institutions, Small Industries, Canteen/Pantry etc.


Non-commercial cutomers

These are the customers using Natural Gas in Non-Profitable / Charity Funded organizations such as NGOs, Temples, Dharmashala etc.


Typical Applications

  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Farsan Shop
  • Food court
  • Hospital
  • Educational Institute
  • Religious Institute
  • Industrial Pantry / Canteen
  • Corporate offices
  • Trust

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