Pursuant to PNGRB regulations as applicable to CGDs, it is mandatory for all authorized CGDs to mention and bill gas consumption in MMBtu with tariff based on Rs./MMBtu terms. Accordingly, Adani Total Gas Ltd. is making necessary changes in the gas invoices to reflect consumption in MMBtu in addition to the current practice of measuring and reflecting volume in Standard Cubic Meter (scm). This change will be effective for the gas invoices issued by ATGL from 1st April 2013 onwards in the aforesaid segments.

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The amount of heat produced by the complete combustion of a material or fuel. It is measured in units of energy per amount of material, e.g. Btu, Scm, Joule etc…

MMBtu is acronym for Metric Million British Thermal Unit, and it is a unit traditionally used to measure heat content or energy value. It is widely associated with measurement of natural gas in the energy terms globally.

A Btu is defined as amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one 1 pound (0.454 kg) of liquid water by 1 °F (0.556 °C) at a constant pressure of one atmosphere. When 1 Btu is represented in a unit of million, it is termed as Metric Million British Thermal Unit (MMBtu).

ATGL has moved from its current measurement units of billing in “scm” basis to now “MMBtu” basis pursuant to the PNGRB regulations.

No, this is not revision of gas prices.

The MGO would continue to be in SCM basis, however the MGO would be charged in equivalent MMBtu basis and shall appear in Rs./MMBtu terms in the bill/invoice.

The conversion/comparison between scm and MMBtu can be done based on 1 MMBtu = 252,000 KiloCalorie. Gas consumption in SCM and MMBtu would be separately mentioned in your gas bill/invoice.

Assuming NCV of 8350 kcal/scm, 1 MMBtu will approximately be equal to 30.12 SCM. . This value may vary slightly depending on actual calorific value of gas.

No, given the same consumption as per your last bill/invoice (presented in Rs./scm basis), the amount for new invoice (presented in Rs./MMBtu basis) would be similar.

Gas meter will display meter reading in SCM which will be converted to MMBtu for the purpose of billing.

As per the PNGRB regulations, it is mandatory for all City Gas Distribution (CGD) companies to adopt MMBtu based billing; however, ATGL does not comment on policies adopted by other entities/companies.

Post implementation of MMBTU based billing; your invoiced amount will be similar for the same consumption in SCM. There can be minor difference due to variation in calorific value of gas if any.

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