BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

Key Concerns and Business Situation Prior To PNG:
  • We were using LPG in our kitchen for many appliances.
  • Safety was major concern in that situation.
  • In-time availability of PNG Cylinders.
  • Pilferage losses and leakage losses from Cylinders leads to economic loss.

I always knew that we could save enormous amount of money on our gas bills. I would definitely recommend this to other businesses purely because when you choose PNG, you are making a wise decision. Why not enhance your comfort and improve your lifestyle for the years to come? Experience the versatility and performance of this reliable energy source. With PNG you don't need to make any choices, for its characteristics make it the best option for commercial purposes. Free fuel, easily accessible minus storage troubles, and being available at very competitive rates.

Dharma Ratna Swami (BAPS)
  • We wanted to create 100% hazard free environment.
  • We wanted permanent solution i.e. Un-interrupted Gas Supply.
  • We were looking for alternate solution which should be more efficient and economical.
Key Insights and Business Situation after changed-over to PNG:
  1. Uninterrupted supply

    PNG offers the convenience of ensuring continuous and adequate supply of PNG at all times, without any problem of storing gas in cylinders.

  2. Unmatched convenience

    We had to carrying out tedious task of LPG cylinder booking, refill, time and again. Then wait for the deliveryman to deliver the cylinder. Switching over to PNG renders this entire exercise unnecessary. PNG also eliminates the tedious routine of checking LPG refill cylinder for any suspected leakage, or it being underweight, at the time of delivery. Precious space, occupied by LPG cylinders is also saved.

  3. Safety

    Natural gas is lighter than air. Therefore, in case of a leakage, it just rises and disperses into thin air given adequate ventilation.

    PNG can be switched off through Gas Tape (inside the kitchen) and isolation valve (outside kitchen premises), which fully cuts off the gas supply.

  4. Billing

    We charged for the quantity of PNG used with no possibility of any pilferage as the billing is done through meter as per usage. A unique feature is that we have to pay only after consumption of gas. The bill is delivered at our doorstep. In addition, there is wide-range of payment options available which is convenient and hassle-free.


  5. Customer support

    Round-the-clock customer support is assured through 24 hrs number 079-27623264 backed by control rooms, which are manned by trained and expert team of engineers and technicians. Thus complaints, if any, are promptly redressed.

  6. No daily Liaisoning

    We didn’t have to do task of Liaisoning with oil companies and co-ordinating with them for ensuring the daily supply of fuel, because PNG is supplied directly through pipes.

  7. No spillage and pilferage

    In case of fuels like HSD and LDO, there were considerable chances of spillage and pilferage. In case of PNG these losses are invariably down away as PNG is supplied through pipes.

  8. Lower maintenance cost

    With PNG, soot or ash accumulation and greasy spillages are absent from our appliance. Maintenance costs are, thus, driven down.

  • I personally found cost of PNG 10-15% cheaper than LPG which leads to more profit for organization.
  • 24*7 availability of Gas is a major benefit.

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